the great lakes 

around Amsterdam


speedboat (70 km/ph)

where normally no tourist can come.

We pass old picturesque villages, a castle hidden by the sea and shiplocks.



our enemy and friend

the sea

For many years the sea was the greatest enemy of the Netherlands. Around 55% of our country is under sea level, so flooding was a life threatening situation. But the sea also became our biggest companion. It protected us from wars and overseas trade brought us a fortune.

This tour is all about the impressive waterworks that protects our country.

Amsterdam - Pampus island - Castle Muiden -


  1. Amsterdam City Center

  2. Orange Locks

  3. Durgerdam (village on a dyke)

  4. Marker Lake, with birds and dykes

  5. Pampus Island 

  6. Muiden Medieval city/ Castle

Our tour



Duration 3 hours

During our tour you will learn and discover and have lots of fun.

hanneks boom.jpg

1) Start

I will pick you up in Amsterdam Center at 'Cafe Hanneke’s Boom'. This is a cafe with a nice terrace and great views. We do a small introduction and than leave by boat.

2) Orange Locks 

We start near Amsterdam Central Station and sail to 'the Orange Locks'. This is the entrance for large ships from the sea to Amsterdam. In the early days this where open seas. Now it is a well protected large lake.

durgerdam on a dike.jpg

3) Dyke village "Durgerdam"

With my private speedboat our journey begins. First stop will be a small village built on a dyke, 'Durgerdam'. I will explain how The Netherlands is constructed, mainly under sea level. Our dykes protect us from flooding. But these dykes are also part of a 18th century war defense system for Amsterdam (the "stelling van Amsterdam"/ listed by Unesco). 

4) Pampus Island

Open the throttle and with 60 km/ph we will cross the large lake to Pampus. This island is a large military defense fortress, mostly underground. We will drink a refreshing Pampus beer.

pampus island.jpg

5) Medieval Castle "Muiden" 

Back on our fast speedboat, we head up to Muiden. This is a must see sight when you visit the Netherlands. Muiderslot (1285 AD.) is a castle in perfect condition. We make a short walk in the small village Muiden. It's medieval center has still small houses and narrow streets. Once it was a competitor of Amsterdam.

6) Return home

Time to go home. With the fast speedboat we are racing back to the 'Orange locks’, and return to Amsterdam.

Good to know:
  • My German shepherd always comes along, her name is Bloem and she loves attention.

  • Don' t be afraid of open water.

  • Up to 5 guests, ages +6 can attend.

  • Speedboat on open water: 70 km/ ph (45 mph)


Marlin, the skipper

I love water and history

Let me introduce myself. At the moment I am teaching scriptwriting and mentoring young techno start-ups. I love to help people and inspiring them realize their dreams. I worked as a TV director for Dutch television. I made a popular tourist TV show for RTL-4 (for 6 years). I showed how special Amsterdam and it’s region is. Amsterdam's prosperous 16th century and our fight against the water has shaped the landscape and the Dutch. I know the hidden gems and special local places and have good contacts. You discover windmills, our dykes, old castles and traditional villages by the sea. My passion is telling stories. We will sail to places where no average tourist can go. With my speedboat (70 km p/h) I tell you what the DNA is of the Dutch. Working together and battle against the water. Join me on my boat!



Marlin boattours

Dijksgracht 4,

1019 BS Amsterdam

The Netherlands


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€ 69,00 per person

  • 3 hours tour

  • Cold drinks, beer and soda

  • No extra fees

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Starting point

Cafe Hanneks Boom

Dijksgracht 4,

1019 BS Amsterdam

The Netherlands

What to bring
  • Warm coat

  • Warm sweater

  • Sunglasses

  • Hot weather? your swimming trunks and towel

  • Sunscreen