The Stroopwaffle Workshop
with Dark Beer



Learn to bake a Stroopwaffle, enriched with dark beer. And experience our beer tasting with dark/double beer from local Dutch breweries.



Duration 1,5 hour

During our workshop you will learn, discover, but especially have lots of fun.

1) Start

Stroopwaffle baking class preperation. We’ll introduce all the ingredients of this delicious treat.

2) Making dough

(2 persons per station), we will take you step by step through the process of making the waffle dough. All ingredients are prepared for you and we’ll guide you step by step. The dough needs to rise for 35 minutes.

3) Beer tasting

In the Netherlands we have a lot of local beer breweries. We selected 4 local small breweries that make a “Double” beer. Very tasteful and well-known by the Dutch. We are very curious what your favourite is?

4) Cooking syrup

Preparing the sugar syrup. In your perfect waffle, you need the perfect (in Dutch: stroop) syrup. We’ll cook it shortly with real Madagaskar Bourbon vanilla and cinnamon to the perfect temperature of 45 degrees celsius.


5) Bake it!

With our dedicated waffle iron, you can bake as much waffles as you wish, finish them with your own made syrup and your Dutch stroopwaffle is ready to eat.

5) Create it

Cut your waffle in two pieces. Add the syrup and close it. You're Stroopwaffle is ready to eat. Enjoy!


Eric, cookie trainer

Eric loves cookies

My name is Eric. Entrepreneur, teacher scriptwriting and a mentor of young technological start-ups. My passion is to help people and inspiring them to achieve their dreams. For over ten years I have owned and managed two very popular restaurants in the heart of Amsterdam. After selling lots of lobster, great steaks and wine, I’ve sold these companies. Because of all these experiences I’ve gained during that adventure I want to inspire people and show them the Dutch kitchen. Even something simple as making a Stroopwaffle have some hidden tricks. For example: fresh vanilla and using dark brown local beer. Don't worry, we will teach you! Instead of using milk, we use a Dutch ‘Dark-brow’ Dubbel beer, to give it even more flavour.


Book now

€ 34,00 per person

  • 1,5 hour workshop

  • Drinks, beer and soda

  • Best ingredients like fresh vanilla

  • Tasting of 4 double beers (small)

  • At least 6 stroopwaffles

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Amstel Stroopwaffle

Utrechtsestraat 135
1017 VM Amsterdam


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Fun Fact

Did you know The Dutch have a rich tradition of drinking beer. Around 1700 it was considered healthier (and safer) to drink beer instead than water? While the dough is rising, we’ll present you a small beer tasting where we will teach you more about Dutch ‘Double’ beer.